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December 26, 2011
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OC Number Replacement Meme

1) Pick 10 characters in any order
2) Don't change the questions
3) Please don't look at the questions while picking characters, it's more fun if you don't!
4) Tag 2-5 people to do the meme (if you want)
5) Have fun!



1. First comes first, who are you, your age, and add an interesting hobby!

2. [4] What do you regret the most?

3. Do you have a fetish [2]? And does [5] fill it?

4. [10] becomes Emo! What was the cause and who will be the most concerned, [7], [1] or [9]

5. [8] Loses his/her keys to his/her house. [6] Invites [8] to stay over at his/her house. What happens next?

6. Who would win a fight, [5] or [3]?

7. A party was held at [2]'s house! [10] gets drunk and [2] notices. Does [2] do anything?

8. Does [4] want a child? Yes or no? If yes, a boy or a girl and how many?

9. [5] falls asleep on [1]'s couch. What's [1]'s reaction and does he/she do anything about it?

10. [9] is dreaming a lot about [8]. [9] confesses that [8] has been on his/her mind and explains the dream. How does it go?

11. Who would [6] prefer to go out with, [10] or [7]?

12. Whoever [6] picked, [6] has married! How does [3] react?

13. [4] Turns out to think he/she will never get a good boyfriend/girlfriend. Why does [4] think that and how will [8] react or help?

14. Will [2] ever be a good comedian?

15. [5] Suggests "Russian Roulette" for a game do [1] and [10] agree to it?

16. [7] has a huge embarrassing secret about [6] and tells [2]. [6] knows that [7] told [2]. Does [6] plan to take revenge or ignore it?

17. [8] plays "7 Minutes In Heaven" with [6], [4] and [5]. [8] goes in with [6]. What goes on with [8] and [6]. Do they kiss, and follow the rules or do more or less?

18. Someones a parent! [9] what happened? Who's the partner? Tell us!

19. [4] Is forced to sit on [8]'s lap? Does everything stay friendly? Who wanted it, [4] or [8]?

20. [1] has slept over at [3]'s house with [9]. [1] decides to pull a prank on [9] and ties him/her up. Why and what's [3]'s reaction when him/her wakes up?

21. [8] gets [2] for a slave for a day. What does [8] make [2] do?

22. [4] if there was one person in the world you could live with forever, who would it be? Pick one person from the list and you pick one person who's not on the list (it can be someones OC that isn't yours).

23. Oh no! [6] has gone missing! Turns out [3] had kidnapped him/her. How does [6] react to his/her kidnapper?  

24. [4] is dared to take off 5 articles of clothing, which does he/she chose take off? Shoes, glasses, bracelets, earrings, hair accessories and watches don't count either...

25. [3] is arrested? Why and who comes to save [3] or is he/she left there for the full time?
A writing meme!
I hoped you like it and don't forget to have fun! Please don't change the question, unless you are changing the "him/her" parts or adding your OC's name into the meme and next to the numbers.

If you'd like, you may link it back to me. Just have fun and please don't claim it as your own.

I hope you enjoy! ^^
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